Lee Valley Majestics

"Aiming for Success - One Team, One Dream"

PDA 2017 


 Start of Season Championships

Dinkies 4th

Tinies - Runners Up (0.2 behind) & Champion Mascot (Darcie)

Junior (D2) - CHAMPIONS & Champion Leader (Ellie)

Senior (D2) - Runners Up (0.1 behind)



 GBBTA 2017

Spring Championships

Senior Poms - No Place

4th Place Junior Military Freestyle & 4th Place Leader (Ellie)

3rd Place Senior Military Freestyle & 4th Place Leader (Lauren) & 3rd Place Best Mascot (Stephanie)




PDA 2016

Troupe of the Year Results

Tiny (D2)

Champion Troupe of the Year,

Champion Leader of the Year (Grace)

& Champion Mascot of the Year (Darcie)

Senior (D2)

Runners Up Troupe of the Year,

Champion Leader of the Year (Lauren)

& Champion Mascot of the Year (Steph)


Start of Season Championships

Senior (D2) Runners Up, Champion Mascot (Steph)


PDA Charity Competition

Tiny (D2) Runners Up, Best Leader (Grace) & Best Mascot (Darcie)


 Senior (D2) Winners, Best Leader (Lauren) & Best Mascot (Steph)




PDA Three Feathers Championships

Tiny (D2) Champions &

Champion Leader (Grace)

Junior (Inters) Champions Mascot (Jamie)


Senior (D2) Champions &

Champion Leader (Lauren)




PDA Pre-End of Season Championships

Tiny (D2) Champions, Champion Leader (Grace),Champion Mascot (Darcie)


Senior (D2) Champions, Champion Leader (Lauren)


PDA End of Season Championships

Tiny (D2) Runners Up, Champion Leader (Grace) & Champion Mascot (Darcie)


Junior (Inters) - CHAMPIONS


 Senior (D2)  CHAMPIONS, Champion Leader (Lauren) & Champion Mascot (Steph)


PDA Best on Grand Finale Parade

Lee Valley Majestics (All Troupes)

 PDA LVM Dancer of the Year

Ellie Jones







GBBTA 2016

Spring Championships

Runner Up Junior Military Freestyle Best Leader (Ellie)

3rd Place Senior Military Freestyle Best Mascot (Stephanie)

3rd Place Junior Strictly Dance Twirl Duo 

(Abby & Caitlin)


Great Britain Championships


4th Place Tots Poms Troupe

Runner Up Champion Tots Poms Leader (Stevie)

Runner Up Champion Tots Poms Mascot (Morgan)


3rd Place Tots Military Freestyle Troupe

3rd Place Tots Military Freestyle Leader (Shakiela) 

Runner Up Champion Tots Military Freestyle Mascot (Jessica)


4th Place Tinies Military Freestyle Troupe

4th Place Tinies Military Freestyle Leader (Grace)

3th Place Tinies Military Freestyle Mascot (Darcie)


4th Place Senior Military Freestyle Troupe

Champion Military Freestyle Mascot (Stephanie)


Best Sportsmanship Award

Lee Valley Majestics

Dancers & Supporters


GBBTA Ultimate

Military Freestyle Senior Challenge

Runners Up Champion Troupe

Runner Up Champion Leader (Lauren)

 Champion Mascot (Stephanie)


GBBTA Classic Championships

3rd Place Tiny Poms